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90 Day Dental for Dental Therapists and Hygienists.

Thank you to Ahmad Nounu for putting together this amazing educational project and sharing with British Association of Dental Therapists. BADT has selected the most relevant for Dental Therapists and Hygienists and are able to be viewed below.

90 Day Dental is an educational project launched for the dental profession during the Corona lockdown of 2020 to educate and inspire the profession into positivity and future planning by uniting us all and reminding us what we enjoy most about our profession.

Jackie Whiteley – Dry Mouth
Cat Edney – Oral Hygiene

Deepak Simkhada – Perio Litigation
Ian Dunn – Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment
Ian Dunn- Periodontal Treatment Planning and Risk Factors
Lecturer: Ian Dunn (Periodontist) Periodontal UK Classifications
Lecturer: Hatem Algraffee – Health and Perio
Chelsea Stewart- How to Ensure your Instagram page is setup for success Part 1
Chelsea Stewart- How to Build a Loyal Following on Instagram Part 2
Gary DeWood – Occlusion 1
Gary DeWood – Occlusion 2
Gary DeWood – TMJ  Muscle Analysis
James Goolnik – Nutrition and Oral Health
Nadeem Younis – Rubber Dam
Billal Arshad – Dental Photography
Richard Porter – Shade Guide for Restorative
Gurvinder Bhirth – Upper Anterior Morphology
Gurvinder Bhirth – Lower Anterior Morphology
Gurvinder Bhirth – Upper Posterior Morphology
Gurvinder Bhirth – Lower Posterior Morphology