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Smoothies and Prosecco- solutions to our daily grind!


Mr Mike Heffernan (Specialist Prosthodontist ) and Mr Toby Edwards-Lunn (General Dental Practitioner).

Michael and Toby are both practicing dentists and co-founders of Dr Heffs.
They created Remarkable Mints – research-driven but elegantly simple and an enjoyable way to prevent caries, tooth erosion and help with dry mouth.

Learning content:A broad look at current concepts around tooth erosion and contrast this to caries and offer novel approaches to prevention of both.

Presentation aim:To get a better understanding of the process of tooth erosion; similarities and differences to tooth caries and what this means in clinical practice.Discuss the approaches we can take to protect teeth, particularly in high risk individuals.

Learning outcomes:Identify how pH is only one measure of how damaging a food/beverage can be.

There are other factors that can also increase the potential for teeth to be affected.Extrinsic and intrinsic acid damage and cross over with caries can co-exist.

Discuss what effects this has on different areas of the tooth surface and why some individuals are more susceptible.

Apply this knowledge to help identify at risk individuals and educate them on alternative strategies to protect and prevent further tooth structure loss.