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BADT Position Statement Pay: posted 19 May 2020

The British Association of Dental Therapists is becoming increasingly concerned about the number of Dental Therapists and Hygienists that work in NHS practices providing predominantly NHS care, that are not being paid by the principal or management of the practice.

The Chief Dental Officer has made it clear in her updates that practices should be paying their teams and Dental Therapists and Hygienists are part of that team.

Dentists, Therapists and Hygienists are mainly self-employed, and according to a recent survey of our members 44% of them are not receiving their pay.

The CDO for England stated in the Issue 3, Preparedness letter for primary dental care-25 March 2020:

“A requirement on practices to ensure that all staff including associates, non- clinical and others continue to be paid at previous levels.

An agreed and fair reduction for any variable costs associated with service delivery (e.g.: in recognition of reduced consumable costs) will be applied to all contract values”.

The Chief Dental Officer of Wales has stated “all practices within GS contracts in Wales have been directed to honour the income generated from NHS delivery for all staff. Anyone who is not receiving this income is advised to contact the Health Board”.

All the dental team should be paid if the practice is receiving NHS funds. No member of the team should be excluded, and this could be viewed as discrimination and inequality

Several corporates including Portman, Rodericks, MyDentist and Bupa are paying all their teams including the Therapists and Hygienists.

All NHS practices must follow suit.

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