Debbie McGovern
Active BADT President

Those of you who are not on social media will have missed that I have been video blogging the beginning of a very long journey to Singapore for an international conference.  I have taken a week of unpaid leave from work and have a couple of days stop over.  I am currently in Abu Dhabi half way to Singapore, those who know me will know how terrified I am of flying .

So I am breaking up the outward journey but coming home it’s about 18 hours with a break of a just a few hours in Abu Dhabi again . This is the bit I’m dreading the most . 

The BADT team and I were very conscious not to use members money to fund this trip so we approached Acteon who have very generously sponsored the trip. They are tremendously supportive to us and want to work more with BADT and we have some exciting projects coming up .

Yesterday, Madalyne Tucker, our industry liaison, drove all the way from Dubai on her only day off to meet with me to discuss our next conference. It is a 1 hr 45 mins drive to get to me , I thank her for her commitment to BADT even though she is living abroad at the moment.

The conference and meeting I am attending is the International Oral Health Therapists Congress. The international council meeting is on Saturday.

The International Association for Oral Health has recently been set up and BADT are very honoured to be invited to be one of the founding member nations. 

I am both thrilled and honoured that they invited BADT and I will continue to fly the flag and represent you the UK Dental Therapist and keep you all up dated .

On a another note if you haven’t been receiving your quarterly journal, Dental Therapy Update, please can you let our admin team know . We have become aware of a few cases of the journal not being received and we would like to make sure we rectify this for anyone affected. Please email us at [email protected] or call 0161 665 5878

You will also have seen a lot of press recently regarding the Health and Social Care Select Committee.

BADT, together with many other organisations has submitted an evidenced response to the government on this. I believe we are the only DCP organisation to do so.

I recommend that you familiarise your self with the evidence, not just from BADT, as it’s so important to understand what is going on in the industry as a whole, and why NHS dentistry is in the state that it is .

That’s it’s from me now.

Will keep you updated. 

Deb McGovern