We have exciting news, the BADT national annual conference is back for 2023 and we would love you all to join us in London to celebrate our Diamond Anniversary Conference. 

Our conference will be slightly different to previous years due to many of us still recovering from the repercussions from the
covid-19 pandemic and the current cost of living crisis. 

Our event will take place over 1 day with the option of joining us for our Diamond Anniversary evening dinner.  

Save The Date: Saturday 17th June 2023

Benji Blum 
Dental Therapist/
Orthodontic Therapist

Why I attend BADT Conference?
To connect with likeminded forward thinking professionals, see new equipment from companies and have a great time, support the associations! 

Laura Brady –
Dental Therapist

Why I attend BADT Conference?
I was anxious about going as I hadn’t been to one for years and didn’t know anyone but I had an amazing time. I learnt loads and bumped in to old friends and made new. The BADT team were very welcoming and put a lot of effort into a brilliant and informative conference. I also stayed over and attended the dinner and had a wonderful evening! I am proud to be a BADT member and cannot wait to attend the next event.