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BADT ARF statement released on 20 May 2020

The British Association of Dental Therapists was one of many professional bodies who wrote to the GDC on 31st March requesting a deferment or instalment plan for the DCP ARF due in July this year. We highlighted the financial hardship that members had found themselves in after face to face dentistry was stopped, and that […]

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BADT Position Statement Pay: posted 19 May 2020

The British Association of Dental Therapists is becoming increasingly concerned about the number of Dental Therapists and Hygienists that work in NHS practices providing predominantly NHS care, that are not being paid by the principal or management of the practice. The Chief Dental Officer has made it clear in her updates that practices should be […]

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Medical emergencies in dental practice

Information Sourced May 2020 This section provides guidelines on the management of the more common medical emergencies which may arise in dental practice. Dentists and their staff should be familiar with standard resuscitation procedures, but in all circumstances it is advisable to summon medical assistance as soon as possible. See also algorithm of the procedure for Cardiopulmonary […]

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Asthma Information Sourced May 2020 Patients with asthma may have an attack while at the dental surgery. Most attacks will respond to 2 puffs of the patient’s short-acting beta2 agonist inhaler such as salbutamol 100 micrograms/puff; further puffs are required if the patient does not respond rapidly. If the patient is unable to use the inhaler effectively, further […]

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